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How does the service work?

You create a Write2Them account for yourself, enter the information for the person you want to sponsor (the "recipient"), and add the names and emails of the people allowed to send emails to the account. You can create an account at any time, but the service is not activated until you specify all of the required information (name, start/end dates, and mailing address).

Write2Them assigns a unique personal email address to your sponsored recipient(s) and lets you and the others know that they can send emails.

Your letters will be processed through the secure Project Write2Them database and treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect for your privacy.

Each day the emails are printed and mailed out. Emails received over the weekend are mailed out on Monday.

Is an 'email' the same as a 'letter'?

An 'email' is the electronic message you send from Outlook, Gmail, or your smartphone. All email messages sent each day are collected and reformatted into a PDF file, which is then printed out (a maximum of eight pages double-sided). This printout is the 'letter', which is mailed to your loved one.

Are there any OPSEC issues with the service?

Project Write2Them is acutely aware of the importance of OPSEC (Operational Security) and keeping our military loved ones safe. Our staff has personally had loved ones in training and deployed overseas.

We have always maintained the highest levels of security of your loved one’s training location. Communications are private and only authorized persons may use and send emails to a recruit’s or cadet’s Write2Them email address.

The account holder provides the physical mailing address to our secure server, and provides the email addresses of those people (family and friends) who can send emails to your loved one’s email address. The trainee's mailing address is not accessible to anyone other than the account holder.

Our email server is very restrictive about accepting email. If our server doesn’t recognize the sender’s email address, the email is refused and the account holder is immediately notified by email.

Our privacy policy is strict. Your personal information and the email addresses of your family and friends are not shared with or sold to any third party. Your loved one’s training location and address is safe guarded.

Can I send photos or newspaper clippings?

Yes. We encourage you to send photos and newspaper clippings. Simply attach or copy and paste into your email. Please remember that mailing inappropriate photos could be a violation of U.S. Postal Service regulations, and can get your son or daughter in serious trouble.

Our software converts all non-JPEG images (GIF, PNG, BMP, etc.) to JPEG before letters are formatted. Also, photos larger than 640 pixels (width or height) are resized to 640 pixels, with the same aspect ratio. This allows more photos to fit within the eight-page limit for each letter.

Newspaper articles should be scanned at 100 dpi. For best results, scan up to three newspaper columns across.

Can I cut and paste web pages?

Paragraphs of text (e.g., news article from a sports web page) will convert nicely into a Write2Them letter. Highly formatted web pages will not be easily readable because HTML table formats, CSS styling, hyperlinks and graphics will not retained in the text portion of the email. Sports league stats and standings, for example, will not be readable.

Is there a limit on the number of friends and family I can add?

There is currently a limit of 30 correspondents (friends) associated with each recipient, but each friend can have multiple email addresses if necessary to allow sending email from personal or work email accounts, Facebook, etc. The Write2Them fee is for the length of the service term (Subscription Plan) or number of letters mailed (Bundle Plan), not the number of emails received. There is no limit on the number of emails received per day, but there is an eight-page limit (four sheets double-sided) for each mailing. Emails that don’t fit in the eight-page limit roll over until the next day’s mailing. Emails are always sorted by date of receipt, so the ones that roll over will typically print out first the next day.

When do I need to activate the service?

You can create one or more Recipient records as soon as you create your Write2Them account. You can add Friends at any time.

Specify the mailing address as soon as you know it. For new Academy cadets/midshipmen or new Armed Services basic trainees, you won't know the address until a few weeks before your son or daughter enters an Academy, or a few days after they report to basic training.

What if the recipient's address changes?

As soon as you know of an address change, simply login to your Write2Them account and update the information. The new address will be used when the next mailing is sent out. Military training bases do their best to deliver all mail to servicemen and women. If a letter is returned to us, you will be immediately contacted by a Write2them customer service representative.

Can I send mail to an APO/FPO?

Letters to troops at overseas (APO/FPO) addresses are covered by our service. Create your recipient information (name, start/end dates, mailing address), then contact us at before activating the service.

What happens to 'undeliverable' mail?

Military bases do their best to deliver all mail to servicemen and women. We use first class postage to mail all Write2Them emails, so the U.S. Postal Service will return all undeliverable mail to us. If a letter is returned to us, you will be contacted by a Write2them customer service representative. Once the mailing address is corrected, we can reset the affected emails so they will be processed in the next mailing.

Why is my Gmail account not receiving emails from Write2Them?

Unfortunately, this FAQ jumped to the top of the list because of recent problems with account owners and friends receiving notifications in a timely fashion through their Gmail account. Our automated notifications were previously sent from '', but are now being sent from ''. Gmail, for its own reasons, delivers email that it considers suspicious into your Spam folder (you have to click on More on the left menu panel to display that folder in Gmail).

The recommended way to clear up this problem is to create a Gmail contact for '' and name it 'Write2Them' (the name is not important, but the email address is). All subsequent notifications should go directly into your Inbox, but remember that you may need to click the refresh button (circular arrow) to see the new mail arrive in your Inbox while you have Gmail up in your browser.

Any notifications in your Spam folder can be marked as 'not spam' by clicking on the 'x' next to the Spam label to the right of the message subject when you are viewing the message. Those messages will then be moved to your Inbox.